High purity Sulfhydryl Functionalised Silica CAS 7631-86-9


CAS Number



High purity Sulfhydryl Functionalised Silica


Sulfhydryl modified silicone
Metal adsorbent



White powder

Safety Data


NONH for all modes of transport

Specifications and Other Information of Our High purity Sulfhydryl Functionalised Silica CAS 7631-86-9


This product is an innovative functional material that can be used in biomedical product purification, electronics
Chemical purification, high-performance chemicals and fine chemicals purification, etc., effectively remove or recover various precious metals and organic impurities. This product is designed through a precise combination of synthetic chemistry, materials chemistry and coordination chemistry to combine functional groups with different coordination capabilities into inorganic materials to achieve high stability, making the final product resistant to metal ions (such as palladium, cadmium, mercury, lead, arsenic). etc.) or organic molecules and other impurities have strong adsorption and capture capabilities with high selectivity and high targeting.


98% min

Shelf Life

3 years


Under room temperature away from light

Known Application

  1. Used for the removal and recycling of various precious metals;
  2. Used for biomedicine, plant extraction, purification, and recycling;
  3. Used for purification and recycling of electronic products
  4. Used for recycling precious metals from waste liquid;


  1. High proportion of precious metals can be recovered from the adsorbent
  2. Do not introduce impurities and do not damage customer products
  3. Large adsorption capacity, high selectivity, and low target residues
  4. Strong solvent compatibility, suitable for a variety of pH conditions, strong physical stability  The residual concentration can reach the required level for different target substances of customers.
  5. There are various types of adsorbents, which can remove metal and organic impurities and are widely used.
  6. With design, R&D and production capabilities, functional materials can be quickly customized
  7. Easy to operate, simple process, low application and maintenance costs
  8. Own equipment, mass production, stable quality and supply


  1. Special adsorption material for removing palladium ions: It has an efficient removal effect on 0-valent palladium or +2-valent palladium, and the palladium content is reduced from 580ppm to less than 0.5ppm.
  2. Special adsorbent material for mercapto silica: It has an efficient removal effect on 0-valent palladium or +2-valent palladium, and the palladium content is reduced from 380ppm to less than 0.5ppm.
  3. Special adsorbent material for lead ion removal: lead content reduced from 35ppm to less than 0.7ppm
  4. Special adsorbent material for nickel ion removal: nickel content reduced from 259ppm to less than 2ppm
  5. Special adsorption material for mercury ion removal: mercury content reduced from 21ppm to less than 0.2ppm
  6. Special adsorption material for arsenic ion removal: arsenic content reduced from 123ppm to less than 3ppm
  7. Special adsorbent material for zinc ion removal: zinc content reduced from 19ppm to less than 0.2ppm
  8. Special adsorption material for removing platinum ions: the platinum content is reduced from 106ppm to less than 0.5ppm

This product is developed by our R&D company Watson International Ltd (https://www.watson-int.com/).