Catalysis and Ligands


Catalysis and Ligands

While we are best known by our customers for our expertise in asymmetric hydrogenation, we also have wide expertise in achiral heterogeneous hydrogenation. And, our dedication to remain at the forefront of industrially useful catalytic technologies has led to increased capabilities for screening and process development for emerging industrial technologies such as CX-coupling, carbonylation, and hydroformylation.

Warshel catalytic process development services have synergies with our proprietary ligand and catalyst portfolio. Not only can you rely on the best catalytic solution for your transformation, but you can also be assured that the ligands that we use in your screening projects are available at kg scale at reasonable cost. With many Warshel ligands and catalysts to choose from, and with well-known industrial applications for asymmetric hydrogenation and CX-coupling, you can be assured that the ligand/catalyst supply chain for your process is secure.

  • Catalysis Development: Process development and optimization of catalysis leads are a Warshel specialty. The development process often works in tandem with our screening efforts. Once we find a screening hit (or once you supply us with your hit), our experts will set out to develop that lead for implementation in your process. Experience counts in this area. This makes it possible to apply the most rational and direct approach in the development of your catalytic process, from mg screening and kg scale-up, to tech transfer into production tanks.
  • Ligands: Warshel offers our own ligands and catalysts in its portfolio, all having well-known industrial applications for asymmetric hydrogenation and CX-coupling. Every ligand in our portfolio is synthesized through key common intermediates. Streamlined, parallel synthesis allows us to offer our key ligands at kg-scale at a reasonable price. This gives our customers the peace of mind in knowing that the ligand will always be available in bulk when there is a hit with a Warshel ligand.


Warshel’s Synthetic Resins Service includes two product lines – Synthetic Resins for Coatings and General Purpose Resins. The service functions as a fully automated production network, integrating multiple systems-MIS for system planning, DCS for product processing and AS/RS for inventory control.

In addition to its state-of-the-art plant, the Synthetic Resins Product Division has other manufacturing operations at Kunshan, Shanghai and Chuzhou in China. High and consistent quality and cost-effective manufacture has resulted in Warshel becoming one of the primary suppliers of synthetic resins globally.

Synthetic Resins for CoatingsWarshel offers a highly diverse range of Synthetic Resins, such as: alkyd resins, acrylic resins, oil-free polyester resins, amino resins, high molecular weight polyester resin, fluoropolymer resins, photo catalyst resins and so on. Additionally, Warshel’s strong research and development team enables it to satisfy customers’ special requests.Latex paint, ready-to-use paint, lacquer, baking enamel, wood coating, PU coating, coil & can coating, car refinishes, plastic coating, gravure and flexo inks.
General Purpose ResinsWater & Solvent based Acrylic resins, Polyester Polyols, Resins for Paper Glaze/Paper Overprinting, Resins for Labels and Tapes,Thickeners for Pigment Binders, Detergent Builder, LOCA. and strip mask.Adhesives for labels and tapes,Adhesive resins for LCD industry ,Polyester polyol for TPU, leather adhesives, paper overprint varnishes, waterborne polyurethene, and many other specialized uses.

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