Watson-12 CAS 84434-11-7&162881-26-7

Watson-12 CAS 84434-11-7&162881-26-7


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Photo-initiator 2100;Ethyl(2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyl)phenylphosphinate(RBcure TPO-L)&bis(2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyl)-phenylphosphine oxide (irgacure 819)





clear viscous yellow liquid

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WGK Germany


Specifications and Other Information of Our Watson-12 CAS 84434-11-7&162881-26-7

Identification Methods



95% min


20kg/drum, 640kg/Pallet;1000L IBC; Customized Package Acceptable


RBcure-2100 is sensitive to visible light and any exposure to sunlight should be avoided. Opened drums should be sealed after use to protect the product from light. RBcure-2100 will freeze when stored below –20 °C (–4 °F). Stored for extended periods of time below
6 °C (43 °F), some crystallization may occur. In both cases, the product is restored to its original form by stirring at room temperature for a short time.

Known Application

RBcure-2100 may be used in UV-curable formulations for clear and for pigmented coatings on wood, metal, plastic, paper and optical fibers as well as for printing inks, composites and adhesives. For patent reasons, however, the use of this product is not allowed in dental applications. RBcure-2100 is suitable for white pigmented formulations, wood fillers and UV-stabilized, UV curable varnishes.
It is especially suitable for white pigmented formulations with minimal yellowing after curing and for coatings with low pigment volume concentration.
Suitable UV-curable formulations may be based on acrylate resins, acrylate monomer systems and unsaturated polyesters. As a liquid photo-initiator, RBcure-2100is especially easy to incorporate into formulations.
RBcure-2100 can be used as a sole photo-initiator but in most cases combinations with other photo-initiators, e.g., α-hydroxy ketones or phenyl glyoxylates, will give improved balance between through- and surface-curing performance.

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UV Absorption Spectrum of Watson-12 CAS 84434-11-7&162881-26-7
UV Absorption Spectrum of Watson-12 CAS 84434-11-7&162881-26-7

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